Saturday, September 24, 2011

Richard James Moore: January 13, 1933-September 13, 2011

My father was a talented, intelligent, dedicated man with a love of family and an unwavering sense of ethics.  We thought him unstoppable, because he could fix anything: cars, lawn mowers, furnaces, washing machines . . . and of course the myriad of problems and messes we found ourselves in while growing up.  Dad was my compass, and an inspiration, both in my life and in my writing.  His values sustained me through a world that often demanded challenges and choices of me that tested my sense of fairness.  With his strength, I never waivered in my determination to do what is right.

While in the end, he did not prove absolutely unstoppable, my father's spirit and indominatable sense of values will prove unstoppable in those he left behind.  My brothers, my sister, and my Mom will remember him for his love and strength, and his dedication to family, for he was always there for us.

To those who joined the long line-up at the funeral home in Kingston to attend my dad's funeral, we thank you.  You gave heart to a greiving family, who understood fully on that difficult day, just how loved my father was in his lifetime, and how respected he is beyond. 

Richard James Moore


  1. Your father sounded like an extra special man. I would very much have liked to have met him.

  2. What a beautiful tribute Sally. Your father will always be in your heart.

  3. I had the pleasure of knowing the man, and saw first hand his devotion to family and in turn, your devotion to him. Its a heartbreaking time in your life. One that will confuse you and challenge you and one where the person you usually turn to during tough times, won't be there.

    But we will.

    Be well my friend!

  4. I did have the pleasure of knowing the man and seeing first hand his devotion to family and theirs to him.

    Greatly missed yes, but also always with you.

    Be well my friend.


  5. A lovely tribute Sally. He will continue to be your compass and inspiration as he has left behind all those cherished memories and his spirit will always live within you. xoxo