Sunday, April 22, 2012

Year of the Rabbit

The Year of the Rabbit was a particularly challenging one for me, not the least of which because my Dad passed away in September of 2011.  I had a special bond with my Dad.  He taught me so much about values and what to expect from life- and about what we need to put back in. 

When I was a child, I had a stray baby bunny as a pet- it had been dug up by the neighbourhood dog, and 'presented' to me.  Unfortunately, the poor thing died after a few weeks, and I was devastated.  My Dad helped me dig a hole in the garden, wrapped him lovingly in an old wool sock of his, and said a few words over the grave.  I never forgot that acknowledgement of my feelings, and my father's sensitivity in wanting to comfort me.

This Easter I visited my family in Kingston, and we had a quiet celebration of spring, hopeful for the renewal that comes with a new season, in a new year.  My sister gave me some photos my Dad took before he died, saying she thought I would like to have them.  I looked through them, and saw that they were of a rabbit amongst the clover in the backyard of our family home.  I thanked my sister sincerely for her thoughtfullness.  It was like a message from my Dad.

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  1. The bunny in the clover is further proof that your father has never left you. Wonderful story