Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Historical Fiction with a Canadian Face (or two)

Historical Fiction is a genre that has many devotees, and it means something different to each one of them.  To me, history means home, heritage, roots, family.  Historical Fiction is an escape into a fascinating world based on the past.  So much about historical fiction is fun and adventurous.  The dashing and not so dashing intrigues of pirates, court rakes, courtesans, royalty and greedy lords and desperate ladies, intrigue and entertain us from the safety of an armchair.

In London, England this month the Historical Novel Society will be holding their annual conference.  Three exciting days of discussion, costumes, laughter, readings and pitch sessions about historical fiction.  Some of the top writers, editors, agents and publishers will be there, and from the costume banquet, to the sessions, to the book signings, and the Saturday Night Sex Readings, the event is packed with fun and fascinating facts and authors.

I am looking forward to being there with some fellow Canadians, to learning more about this fascinating genre, and to meeting a friend or two with the same interest and passion for history and story-telling.

Historical Novel Society

HNS conference June 2011

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