Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WCDR continues to rock!

I am proud to be part of the Writers' Community of Durham Region, serving as Vice President this year, as well as Workshop Coordinator.  What a fine group of artists and writers, and every meeting and event confirms this for me!  The WCDR Slam competition was a whole lot of fun, and I was so honoured to serve as a judge for the finalists' event at Brock House.  Congratulations to Connie Dipietro-Sparacino for taking the top prize with her beautifully delivered piece!  Take a look at her performance on the WCDR site:


Also live is the discussion over Suzanne Desrochers' new book about seventeenth century Quebec, Bride of New France.  Join in the discussion on WCDR's Reading As Writers site.  I will be guest hosting one week of the discussion and have already started this acclaimed historical fiction novel.  The site is also full of great links and resources for writers:


WCDR's next meeting is in September, when Suzanne will be speaking about the novel.  Meanwhile, we have planned some workshops with Robyn Read, Acquiring editor of Freehand Books, through WCDR in August.  Check the WCDR site for that as well!


Have a great summer, and keep reading and writing everyone!