Saturday, November 19, 2011

WCDR Events Ramping Up

'Tis the write and talk about writing.  There are so many events going on with WCDR, I hardly know where to start.  From Art of Transition on November 25 to Words of the Season on December 28, to a host of fabulous workshops for writers of all levels, it's going to be a busy and inspirational few months.  I am excited to announce that WCDR is presenting workshops and one-on-one sessions with an editor and an agent this year, starting in January with Sam Hiyate of The Rights Factory.  We also have Cynthia Good from Humber College, veteran of the publishing industry, conducting a workshop on the Business of Publishing on March 4; and Robyn Read will be back in May to run workshops on working with writing partners.  Other workshops are in the works, so stay tuned, and our December breakfast speaker is wonderful memoir writer and personal inspiration to many, Wayson Choy!

Check it all out at the WCDR web site!

Memories of My Father

Thanks to you all for your comments.  I miss my Dad terribly, more so every day. He continues to be an inspiration to me, and at this time of year especially remembering him and who he was reminds me of what is important in this world.  SAM

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Algonkian Conference is a win/win for publishers and agents!

I just came back from beautiful (and colourful!) Niagara Falls, Ontario, where I met with about 30 other writers for the experience of a lifetime!  The Algonkian Conference is held in several cities across North America, and for the first time, it landed in Canada.

This is a working conference.  Writers dive in immediately, pitching their books in a group setting and being critiqued, sometimes brutally.  But it's all for a good cause: getting published.  After three intensive days, you get to pitch agents and editors on your novel.  I have to say in the end, it was a lot of fun!

And yes, I did get a few requests for my manuscripts!  So it's worth the work, and whatever comes of the experience, you walk away with a realistic, inspiring and constructive view of the wonderful world of publishing.  And you meet some truly wonderful people on both sides of the desk!

Check out their site at:
Algonkian Conference

One other note: The Old Stone Inn, where we stayed is a lovely place.  The people were so friendly, and the place has such charm and character.  The library full of vintage books in the stone dining room was fully appreciated by a room full of writers!

Check out their site at:
Old Stone Inn