Friday, January 20, 2012

A New Year and New Worlds to Explore

Hope everyone had a great holiday season! 

As many of you know, 2011 was a particularly challenging year, but I have learned much about the strength of family and friends, lessons that will stand me well into 2012.  My mother in particular has been an inspiration to all of us.  Mary Helen Moore, born Mary Helen Clayton, is a loving, giving individual with fondness for the past and a spark of excitment for the future.  Even given the difficulties of the past year and her current battle with cancer, she has remained cheerful, optimistic and supportive towards us all in our grief over Dad's passing.  She looks forward to the possibilities that exist in our lives, joyful at our successes large or small, and encouraging in our trials and motivations.  Her smiling face has sustained me through the long hard road back to 'normal' existence, and her love for her family and interest in our lives has been miraculous. 

Thanks Mom, for being you, and never more than now, when some of us have found it hard to be ourselves in the midst of sorrowful times.  You are amazing!