Friday, August 19, 2011

Polar Explorer Wins a Gemini

I am so pleased to announce that the Polar Explorer documentary, on which I was proud to be credited as an Associate Producer, has won the Gemini Humanitarian Award. This incredible film, which the UN has designated environmental film of the year for 2011, has made a significant difference in the way climate change is viewed by UN countries. Filmmaker and explorer Mark Terry has proven, with his footage and comparisons of the Arctic and Antarctic, that the rate of polar ice melting is indeed accelerating.

Check out Mark's web site at:

And for those you who still have not seen this amazing film, there are two screenings upcoming in the Durham region in November, one at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and an intimate evening screening at Ezra Annes Inn. I will post details of these screenings in future posts, or you can contact Mike Khashmanian at the Durham Theatre Festival at

Congratulations to Mark Terry, and fellow producers and supporters for this important film, Dianne Schwalm, Jeff Steiner, Jordana Aarons, Mark Romoff, Shirley J. Mein Cox, Holly Lee, John Kelly, Sarah Haney, Mike Khashmanian and Bill Humber.

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